Bored with cheap beer
& well drinks? 

Come early and check out a Ft. Greene favorite! 

Reduced price wines, bottled beer & sangria! (drinks from 3-7pm)

$2-$8 tasty tapas! (food from 5-7pm)

If we did not work here,
we would be here for Happy Hour!

Mon-Thurs 3pm - 7pm (EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS)


May 25th Dinner Specials



 Turkish Wine Special:  ‘Pasaeli ’ Rosé  $11/44

Calkarasi grapes from the mediterranean coast of turkey

pale pink color, great acidity, fresh pomegranate & strawberry


COCKTAIL Special:  Spanish Martini   $14

Gin Mare, dry fino sherry

green olives stuffed with valdeón blue cheese


BEER SpecialSpeakeasy   Prohibition Ale

12 oz bottle, 6.1% abv     $7






creamy Green Pea Dip w/Sesame Za’atar Olive Oil ~vegan~     $7

grilled pita OR endive leaves




Broccoli Gratin    $8

broccoli, cauliflower-roasted garlic purée

tetilla & manchego cheeses w/ shallots, pimentón & sherry

OR Vegan with vegan “parmesan cheese”




Spicy Wings (mild or hot)    $10

honey, harissa, sherry vinegar, garlic, salted herb yogurt




Spicy Sautéed Calamari with Merguez lamb sausage   $16

calabrian chili aioli, cannellini beans, spinach

wine, scallions, cilantro




Cast Iron-Roasted half Chicken   $24

goffle farm halal chicken, lemon, capers, pimentón

creamy polenta, wilted spinach




Zarzuela de Mariscos (spanish seafood stew)   $26

 shrimp, mussels, squid, arctic char

red pepper-tomato broth w/ground almonds, fennel


 saffron aioli crouton